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Tennessee Technological University Post Office Box Combination Log Books

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 2019-0012

Content Description

The log books in this collection reflect the time when individual post office boxes, located once on the ground floor of the Roaden University Center (built in 1971), were available for students from which to retrieve their mail. The doors to these boxes required the use of a combination in order to open them, and these log books were kept by the mailroom staff as a record of the combination necessary to open each box. The mailroom was expanded in ___ of 20__, overtaking the area where the boxes once stood. Ever since, while students are still assigned box numbers, they now go to the main counter of the mailroom to pick up their mail. The first log book is bound, with the information handwritten. The second log book, is a computer generated copy of the combination information which has been placed in a folder.

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Delivered by Darla Wilhite on 2019-05-03, former Director of Tennessee Tech's Office of Auxiliaries

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